Who we are ?

Each of us is individual. Everyone looks different. We all follow our own individual paths in life, have our own dreams and goals.

However, there is one thing we all have in common – we all bear responsibility for our own health.

Our health influences our well-being and therefore also our social environment, especially our partner, but also our performance in our professional environment and the realisation of our dreams and goals.

Health is our most valuable asset! It is our most important task to preserve and protect it! Dealing with our own health is of particular importance!

That is why it is time to take responsibility for this valuable asset – with just a few measures:

  • A conscious approach to the risks of HPV infection.
  • A safe preventive behaviour through regular gynaecological screening.
  • The personal, invisible protective shield against HPV – the HPV vaccination!

With friendly support

Would you like individual advice?

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Our team at Gynpoint will be happy to help you.

Providing our patients with comprehensive information on important topics such as HPV is very important to us.

You can make appointments with us for individual consultations on the topic of HPV and the HPV vaccination.

Likewise, we are happy to advise you in our girls’ consultation and take time to answer all important questions about contraception.

Regular preventive gynecological exams can detect precancerous lesions and thus effectively protect against cervical cancer.

Check out our website at www.gynpoint.ch and book an appointment or give us a call.

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You can find more information about HPV and its prevention at


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Ein langjähriger Begleiter mit unangenehmen Folgen – die HPV-Infektion

Did you know that more than 250 million young people worldwide are vaccinated!