“Ain‘t just a thing“

Each of us is individual. Everyone looks different. We all follow our own individual paths in life, have our own dreams and goals.

However, there is one thing we all have in common – we all bear responsibility for our own health.

Our health influences our well-being and therefore also our social environment, especially our partner, but also our performance in our professional environment and the realisation of our dreams and goals.

Health is our most valuable asset! It is our most important task to preserve and protect it! Dealing with our own health is of particular importance!

That is why it is time to take responsibility for this valuable asset – with just a few measures:
  • a conscious approach to the risks of HPV infection.
  • a safe preventive behaviour through regular gynaecological screening.
  • the personal, invisible protective shield against HPV – the HPV vaccination!

Jean Mar  Ain’t just a thing

I can see everything I see it in your eye eye eyeeees
I can see everything, ain’t no disguise
(this) aint just a shallow affair
I knew it on the spot right there
I crashed and burned my whole world turned
this aint just a thang oh yeah
Chorus: It ain’t just a thang
It ain’t another
Oh ain’t just a thing
Ain’t another
Oh Ain’t t another thang
Ain’t another thing
Ain’t just a thing
Verse: So please stop overthinking and do it
I love what you do,
and how you do it
Move right to the rhythm of the heart
Don’t let others tell you when you to stop
This ain’t just another affair
You know when something just ain’t there
Dont care if you’re sinner or a saint
So many Be…. something that they ain’t
This ain’t juts a thing it ain’t another fling ……
This Life’s got so much to it
I feel You hope you do it, too….
Oh yeah
You do my gal..