Med. pract Iryna Osinska

Gynaecologist since 2017 (in Ukraine)

working as a Doctor at See-Spital Horgen since 06.2023

Gynecological consultations in Ukrainian and Russian

Services offered

  • General gynecological check-ups (preventive care)
  • Specific gynecological problems (fibroids, bleeding disorders, dysplasia, endometriosis, gynecological tumours, incontinence)
  • Pregnancy check-ups
  • Ultrasound examinations
  • Consultation and planning of gynecological operations
  • Breast diseases
  • Attendance during births and operations (at the See-Spital)

In addition to my work as a gynecologist, I am available for advice and support with health problems in all specialist areas: Referral to specialists, translation, counselling, coordination of treatment.


Consultations by appointment at the following locations:

  • Outpatient Women’s Clinic See-Spital Horgen: 0447281702
  • gynpoint Zurich (at Hegibachplatz): tel and link
  • specific questions via email:
  • Mobile phone: +41795093029